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On stage fashions

Outrageous line for the holograms. Some fashions were released both year. Command Performance, Permanent wave, Encore, Music is magic, Twilight in Paris, Only the beginning, Dancin' the night away, Award night, Come on in, Friend or Stranger, How you play the game, Love's not easy, Set your sails, There's a melody playin'.

Flip side fashions

Fashions to transform Jerrica in Jem. Some were released both years. Up & rockin', Like a dream, Rock country, City lights, Let's rock this town, Music in the air, Sophisticated lady, Gettin' down to business, She makes an impression, Runnin' like the wind, Broadway magic, We can change it, Lightnin' strikes, Puttin' it all together.

Smashin' fashions

Wild fashions for the Misfits and a Rio line (I don't collect yet). Some fashions were released both years. Just misbehavin', Outta my way, Winning is everything, Makin' mischief, Let the music play, There ain't nobody better, Designing woman, You can't catch me, You gotta be fast, We're off and running, Gimme gimme gimme.

Glitter 'n gold fashions

Jem goes gold with this new line for outrageous nights. Second year only. Fire 'n ice, Gold rush, Golden days diamond nights, Morrocan magic, Midnight magic, Purple haze.

Music is magic fashions

More outrageous fashions with matching instruments! Second year only. 24 carat sound, Rhythm and flash, Rock 'n roses, Splashes of sound, Star struck guitar, Electric chords.


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