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Welcome to my revamped Jem trade center! The first page was dedicated to help the release of the Jem dvds, back in 2001, and a few trades. At first I was only trading but now I'm selling too, so I kept the original name : Jem trade center. All my spare items are displayed, check the menu on the left. Some non-jem items are listed as well, in the "Other dolls" section.


I want this place to be safe. Can you trust me? Yes! see my ebay page to check my feedbacks.
All the Jem dolls pics you see are mine. Please ask me to use one on your web site. I'd probably say yes if the pic isn't used to sell Jem items! That won't be fair for your buyer to see someone else's doll/outfit!

What you see is what you get!

All the dolls have detailed pics and descriptions, so you can see the variations! and no surprises!
Check my wish list and trade!
I ship worldwide air mail please do the same. I'm in France, and so my dolls too!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

Don't forget to sign the guest book, to tell other fans about your journey in the trade center!


Nrfb : Never removed from box, contents are New, if smtg is diff it's a variation or a factory error. Box range from C1 to C10 (perfect box and colors!).

Mint : Never played with, like new condition.

Vgc : Very good condition.

Gc : Good condition, played with, some minor problems.

Poor : Needs to be repaired, good for ooak, trade with me and these are free for you!

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