The Sunny Surfin' World of Maxie

1st Year Maxie Dolls (1988)

Maxie Friends 8264/8225

Ashley has a long red hair, hazel eyes and hot pink lips.


Friends forever! Ashley looks cool in her jams, sweatshirt and sun visor. Poseable, 11 1/2" doll has bending knees and comes with a hair pick to style her beautiful, long hair, plus the lastest styles in socks, shoes and earrings. (Hasbro description)


Maxie has two more friends: Carly and Kristen.

Makeup: Ashley has hazel eyes with a hint of purple and thick coral eyeshadow. She has pink blush on her cheeks and hot pink full lips.

White cotton knit big sweatshirt with attached red collar and shirt tails, red/multi cotton print appliqué.

Red/multi cotton print jams.

White cotton knit cuffed ankle socks.

White squishy hi-tops.

Lavender sun visor.
Orange "IO" earrings.
  Comb? (mentioned in the catalog)
Doll also came with a turquoise brochure?
Thanks to Liz for much of the information and pictures on this page!


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