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Unproduced dolls (1990)

Unproduced third Year Maxie dolls (1990)
& Prototypes

Maxie's canceled third year line was very much sports and fun oriented. Only the Sun Splash dolls were released. The Hasbro 1989 spring catalog shows a rock band (widely Jem inspired), a skating doll, a bicycling doll and a babysitting doll.
Rockin' Pretty Maxie #8237
Ashley and Carly #8238 and Bianca #8239

Hasbro description: Superstar glamour for on-stage excitement! Maxie and her band are rocking the music and fashion scenes with their hot harmony of sound and style. Each exciting star comes with her very own pretend musical instrument. Their fancy concert outfits are a medley of black and brights to electrify every show. Each doll also wears shoes, earrings and hair accessory.

Jem connection: Hasbro reused Jem's molds, so you can recognize that Bianca has a blue version of Roxy's guitar, Maxie is wearing Jem's hoop earrings and a pink version of Shana's guitar. Her hat could have been Minx's hat too. Ashley is holding a green microphone same as Jem's and the tambourine was previously seen in Jem's video playset Show me the way. Carly has a green version of Kimber's guitar, finaly the molded "M" makes sense!


Skatin' Pretty Maxie #8227
Hasbro description: Her skates really roll, and her outfit is a flash of fashion! Girls can style her long, blond hair for fast moving fun with the hair pick and elastic included in the package. Poseable Maxie also comes with earrings, sunglasses and kneepads.
Hasbro description: She really pedals her bike! Maxie has adjustable legs for "real" pedaling action when girls push her along on her great mountain bike with wheels that turn. When the ride is over, girls can re-adjust Maxie's legs to play with her as a fashion doll in her black and bright neon biking outfit. Accessories include bike wheel earrings, hair pick, bike pack, watch, helmet with strap and hair elastic.
Jem connection: The watch is using the same mold as the one in the Jem playset Love is Here.
This playset was released by Hasbro in Europe as Sindy and her fun bike. (1990)
Hasbro description: She can really hold the baby in her arms! Her bright sweat shirt and jeans are the cool, after school clothes that girls love to wear. Pretty, blond Maxie comes with a baby doll, telephone, baby bottle, carrier and more accessories to make babysitting lots of fun.
Coming soon prototypes
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