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Mix 'n Match Fashions 1988

Mix 'n Match Fashions
#8235 & #8240

Create different fashion looks with the help of these fashions pieces. While some sets can be worn on their own as a full fashion, others are only fashion pieces that requiere another set to get a complete outfit. Each set includes three pieces, with shoes (#8240) or without (#8235). Assortments of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and fashion accessories, such as earrings, bracelet, hair bow. 16 different sets, some available in multiple colors (most likely two colors, maybe more). Only sold during the first year.

Sixteen sets in different colors

Click on each different set
to see all the colors available! (that I know of)
(I'm still missing some, contact me if you can help)

Jem connection: In the third year that was never released, Jem was supposed to have fashion sets similar in concept called Matching Medley Fashions.

Mix 'n Match Fashions

(no shoes)

Mix 'n Match Fashions

(with shoes)

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Thanks to Liz and Brian for pictures on this page!


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