The Sunny Surfin' World of Maxie

Second year dolls (1989)

Second Year Maxie dolls (1989)

Maxie's world Maxie's second year got 15 brand new dolls, including another beach theme. Some dolls came with Maxie charms.
Dance 'n Romance Maxie #8218 Features Grow so pretty Hair
Dance 'n Romance Rob #8223
Beachy Keen Maxie #8204
Beachy Keen Maxie dolls come with three different swimsuits and hair styles. Small size box.
Slumber Party Maxie #8201
Slumber Party Ashley #8270
Slumber Party Simone #8271
Hula Hoop Maxie #8211
Ballerina Maxie #8273
Coming Soon
Cheerleader Maxie #8208
Cheerleader Ashley #8206/8216
Cheerleader Carly #8205/8215
101 Fashion looks #8258
101 Hairstyles and Vanity #8266 voir playsets
Coming soon
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